Zojila Pass

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Zoji La

ज़ोजि ला
A view from Zoji La.jpg
View from Zoji La
Elevation3,528 m (11,575 ft)
Traversed byUri-Srinagar-Leh Highway
Location India
Coordinates34°16′44″N 75°28′19″E / 34.27889°N 75.47194°E / 34.27889; 75.47194Coordinates: 34°16′44″N 75°28′19″E / 34.27889°N 75.47194°E / 34.27889; 75.47194

Zoji La (Hindi: ज़ोजि ला or ज़ोजि दर्रा) is a high mountain pass in India. This pass is 13,000 feet (4,000 m) above sea level, at 74.50 longitude and 34.17 latitude. The pass connects a valley of Kashmir with Ladakh. Different trade routes lad to Tibet, China and Central Asia. Renchen Shah of Leh entered Kashmir through this pass and became the monarch of the land in the 14th century. Mirza Haider Doughlat also advanced through thi pass to invade Kashmir. The old historical name of the pass was Shurji La meaning lord Shiva's mountain.