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Ōtaki Castle


Location of Ōtaki in Chiba Prefecture
Ōtaki, Chiba is located in Japan
Coordinates: 35°17′N 140°15′E / 35.283°N 140.25°E / 35.283; 140.25Coordinates: 35°17′N 140°15′E / 35.283°N 140.25°E / 35.283; 140.25
Country Japan
Region Kanto
Prefecture Chiba Prefecture
District Isumi District
 • Total 129.84 km2 (50.13 sq mi)
Population (April 2012)
 • Total 10,412
 • Density 80.2/km2 (208/sq mi)
Time zone Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
- Tree Cherry blossom tree
Phone number 0470-82-2111
Address 93 Ōtaki, Ōtaki-machi, Chiba-ken

Ōtaki (大多喜町 Ōtaki-machi?) is a town in Isumi District, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Ōtaki is at the middle of the Bōsō Peninsula. The town was the home of general Honda Tadakatsu during the Edo period (1603 – 1868). He built a large castle, Ōtaki Castle. The town had a population of about 10,412 (April 2012). The total area the town is 129.83 km².[1]

Geography[change | edit source]

Ōtaki is at the center of the Bōsō Peninsula. Ōtaki has many hills, small mountains, and forestss. 70% of Ōtaki is covered by forest. Two rivers flow through the town: the Isumi River and the Yōrō River.[1]

Neighboring towns[change | edit source]

Ōtaki Castle[change | edit source]

Honda Tadakatsu built Ōtaki Castle on a hill in 1590. His samurai and many citizens built houses below the castle. The castle burned in 1842. A replica (copy) of the castle was built in 1975. A small museum is inside the castle.[2]

Transportation[change | edit source]

Railways[change | edit source]

  • Isumi Railway
  • Kominato Railway

Roads[change | edit source]

References[change | edit source]

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