Bamyan Province

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The location of Bamiyan Province within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°45′N 67°15′E / 34.75°N 67.25°E / 34.75; 67.25Coordinates: 34°45′N 67°15′E / 34.75°N 67.25°E / 34.75; 67.25
Country  Afghanistan
Capital Bamyan
 • Total 14,175 km2 (5,473 sq mi)
Population (2006)[1]
 • Total 387,300
 • Density 27.323/km2 (70.766/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+4:30
Main languages Dari Persian (Hazaragi variety)

Bamyan Province (Persian: بامیان) is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is in the centre of the country. Its capital is also called Bamyan. Most of the people are Hazaras, with 16% Sadat, 25% Tajiks,[2] and fewer Pashtuns and Tatars.[3] Bamyan is the largest province in the Hazarajat region of Afghanistan.

Politics[change | edit source]

Governors[change | edit source]

The current governor of the province is Habiba Sarabi. She is Afghanistan's first and, so far, only female governor.[4]

Districts[change | edit source]

Districts of Bamyan Province
District Capital Population Area[5] Notes
Bamyan Bamyan 73,200
Kahmard Kahmard 32,200 Transferred from Baghlan in 2005
Panjab Panjab 60,400
Sayghan Sayghan 21,200 Transferred from Baghlan and created within Kahmard District in 2005
Shibar Shibar 26,100
Waras Waras 96,700
Yakawlang Nayak 77,500
Districts of Bamyan.

Economy[change | edit source]

Agriculture[change | edit source]

A small boy in a potato field in Bamyan

Bamiyan is famous for its potatoes.

Education[change | edit source]

Bamyan Province has the only university, Bamiyan University in the area.

References[change | edit source]