Battle of Saratoga

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A painting of the surrender of General Burgoyne

The Battle of Saratoga was an important battle in the American Revolution. Fought in late 1777, some historians think of it as a series of short, small battles. The battles were fought in Saratoga County in New York. The Americans were led by Horatio Gates, and the British were led by John Burgoyne. At the end of the battles, Burgoyne surrendered and the Americans captured nearly 6,000 redcoats. The battle is noted as the turning point of the revolution. After the battle, France decided to aid the Continental Army and recognize the United States. Saratoga was breakthrough for the Continental army, because France finally recognized them.

Burgoyne was trying to cut off New England from the other colonies by capturing the Hudson valley. At first, his army was successful. Britain won the first battle on September 19, 1777. However, many British troops died. Burgoyne tried to attack the Americans again on October 7, but the Americans captured a portion of the British defenses. So, Burgoyne had to retreat. His army was then surrounded by the much larger American force at Saratoga, forcing him to surrender on October 17.

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