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The original Bop It was out in 1996. It quickly spread to become a popular game in the UK and the US.

Bop It is an electronic game made by Hasbro. It was first introduced in 1996 when the original Bop It was made. The aim of the game is to respond quickly to the commands that are produced by the game's speaker. A beat is played during the game and the beat will get faster as the player scores more points. Bop It is one of the most popular games on the market and is played with adults, children and even older people. The game is over when the player makes a mistake or when the player beats the game by achieving the highest score possible. Since 2008 when Hasbro re-made the toy, the voice actor has been a man called Buddy Rubino. He has recorded the voice for Bop It!, Bop It! XT, Bop It! Smash!, Bop It! for iOS, Bop It! Smash for iOS, Bop It! on Hasbro Family Games Night 2 for the Nintnedo Wii and Hasbro Family Games Night 1 for the Nintendo DS.[1]

Models[change | change source]

Bop It[change | change source]

In 1996, Hasbro copyrighted the instructions to a handheld game called Bop It.[2] The game features 3 different commands which were nicknamed Bop It (which is a round button), Twist It (a twistable crank) and a pull it (a pullable handle). The game had three different game modes and the highest possible score was 200. The score was reported by using different sounds. If the player scored 100 or greater, a victory celebration would be used to say that the player has achieved a very good score.

Bop It Extreme and Bop It Extreme 2[change | change source]

In 1998, Hasbro copyrighted the instructions to the Bop It Extreme.[3] The game had the same commands from the original Bop It but had 2 new commands which were nicknamed Flick It and Spin It. The highest score was changed to 250 and if the player scored over 150, a victory celebration would be played. At 250, it would trigger a different victory celebration to say that the player has beaten the game. Bop It Extreme become the first Bop It to give the player a comment such as "hey you win, not!" when the player makes a mistake.

In 2002, Hasbro copyrighted the instructions to the Bop It Extreme 2.[4] This game added an additional One on One mode and the score announcing in Solo was changed to using numbers.

Bratz Bop It[change | change source]

In 2004, Hasbro released a Bratz version of Bop It. The highest score in Bratz Bop It was 200. After 100 points, the victory celebration will play after reporting the score.[5]

Bop It Blast[change | change source]

In 2005, Hasbro made Bop it Blast. It was like the original Bop It but it had adjustable arms and the highest score was increased to 500. It had the option to change the voice of the game and for the first time allowed a high score for each game mode. Also, a new Light Bop mode was added.[6]

Bop It Download[change | change source]

In 2006, Hasbro made the instructions for the Bop It Download'.[7] Software can be downloaded from which allows users to record their own voice, upload beats and sounds. Hasbro also made different accent voices. Bop It Download has a highest score of 1000 and 15 difficulty levels.[8] It includes the ability to download beats, and sounds.[7]

Bop It![change | change source]

In 2008, Hasbro made the instructions for the Bop It!.[9] At the 2009 London Toy Fair, Hasbro demonstrated Bop It!.[10] Bop It! has a new optional input, "Shout It," which requires a player to shout into the microphone.[11] The Bop It! has three difficulty levels with "Novice" using only voice commands, "Expert" using a random mix of voice and sound commands, and "Master" calling out voice, sound, and color commands. If the player scores 100 points in either of the less difficult modes, the next most difficult mode is unlocked. Players that achieve a score of 100 points in "Master" mode are considered to have beaten the game.[9] Hasbro also added a multiplayer game called "Party" where all the Bop It commands are replaced with body parts. .[9]

Bop-It! Bounce[change | change source]

In 2009, Hasbro made a completely different Bop It game and called it Bop-It! Bounce. It has six different games and it comes with an electronic trampoline and a ball.[12]

Bop It! XT[change | change source]

In 2010, the instructions for the Bop It! XT were copyrighted. The Bop It! XT is a newer version of the Bop It Extreme with the same commands but adding a new command, "Shake It". The game was shown at the London Toy Fair[13] and it was out in the Fall of 2011. The Bop It! XT is based on the game play of the Bop It! and adds the "One on One" mode and the extra Pro level. In order to beat Bop It! XT, the player is given a set of three commands to remember with a mix of voice, sounds and color commands, 100 times.[14]

Bop It! Smash[change | change source]

In 2012, Hasbro released the next version of Bop It with a new concept called Bop It! Smash. It plays similar to an arcade game where the player has to smash the Bop It buttons when the lights are in the middle. in the Solo game, the player can score five points for getting a blue light and one point for getting a green light. Outside the middle there are four orange lights either side. If the player gets an orange light, Buddy Rubino will say "Yow!" (followed by a negative comment such as: "Try harder!") and the player will loose a life. The player can earn one back if they get another blue light, There is a bonus round where the player can get five or more bonus points. It also has two multiplayer modes and they are Pass It and Multiplayer. There is no maximum score in Bop It Smash but the game only says the score up to 999. It can score over 1000 but the game won't say any score that's over 999. The game also has a positive saying when the player has achieved a score that's 151 or higher and the game says "Ladies and gents, that's how it's done.[15]

Bop It Tetris[change | change source]

In 2013, Hasbro accepted a deal with the Tetris Company to make games with the Tetris brand. They are making two games: Jenga Tetris and Bop it Tetris. The game features two types of play: Tetris Marathon and Pass It, and four levels.

The first level is called "Tetris Drop". In this game, the top LCD screen shows the shape and the bottom is filled with random squares. The aim of this level is to drop the shapes onto the bottom LCD screen in an empty space by slamming the top part down. Once the player has completed the puzzle, it will move on to other puzzles. There are eight puzzles in each section and there are four sections in total and each section gets faster and the music changes pitch.

If the player successfully completes all thirty two puzzles, then the player will have chance to add on extra points using the bonus round which happens every time a stage is completed and when a level is completed. The bonus round lasts for forty five seconds. During the bonus round, the bottom screen is filled with squares and the player has to blast many squares as they can by slamming them. Each square is worth two bonus points.

After the Tetris Drop level, it then moves on to the 'Blast' level where the player has to remove one square and drop the other.

Level 3 is called Tetris Double Drop. In this game, the player has to drop two shapes down one after the other.

The final level is called Tetris Shuffle where it mixes Tetris Drop, Tetris Blast and Tetris Double Drop puzzles together.

Each level can also be played seperatley with a 'challenge' mode and can be unlockablee when the player gets to that level during the Marathon.

in the Solo game, if the player achieves a good score, the voice will say "You should have a monument, cuz that was monumental!"

Bop It! Beats[change | change source]

In 2013, Hasbro copyrighted the instructions for the Bop It! Beats. The game was on sale on Amazon in December 2013. Bop It! Beats has six actions: Bop It, Spin It, Scratch It, Flip It, Reverse and Repat. The scratching, the reversing and the spinning commands are done on the turntable. There are five game modes: Classic, Classic Party, DJ, DJ Party and Remix.

The game features two high scores for Classic and DJ . In the Classic mode, the game just plays like a normal Bop It and one command is given at once. In the DJ mode, the game gives out multiple commands and the player has to follow the pattern and complete the pattern. The remix game mode is a freestyle game where the player can do they want until the song ends.

In all game modes apart from remix, if the player has beaten the game or has scored over 200 on Classic, the voice will be very excited and say "Master DJ in da club!"

The game is to be released in other countries starting from Summer 2014.

Video Games[change | change source]

In 2009, EA Games made a video game called Hasbro Family Games Night 2 which had Bop It as one of the games that could be played. It is available for the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii.[16]

In 2011, EA Games made an iPhone application which played exactly like the handheld game. It has the same commands from the handheld games and added extra commands which were never invented on the handheld game.[17]

Other websites[change | change source] Bop It Site Bop It Download Site

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