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Hey Arnold! was an American animated television show on the Nickelodeon network. The main character is a 9-10 year old cool Jewish dude/gangsta/gangster with a football-shaped head like Phil and Lil's on Rugrats/All Grown Up! named Arnold (born 1977) who sounds like Phil and Lil on Rugrats/All Grown Up!. Arnold's bully (mean girl) (former girlfriend of Arnold) named Helga Pataki (voiced by Francesca Marie Smith (born in 1985)) who loves/hates and is/was friends with him is another character. Who thinks Arnold is a girl? The show was about their lives in Hillwood, New York a made up great town in the north like New York City and New York/Newark, New Jersey. Season 0, episode 0a: Arnold Escapes from Church is made in 1985 and released in 1988, season 0, episode 0b: The Arnold Waltz is made in 1986-1987 and released in 1990, season 0, episode 0c: Arnold Rides the Chair is made in 1989 and released in 1991, season 0: episode 0d is made in 1993, produced in 1994 and released in 1996, season 1 is made in 1995-1997 and released in 1996-1998, season 2 is released in 1997-1998, seasons 3-4 are released in 1998-2000, season 5 is released in 2000-2004. In 1996-1998 and 2001, screaming Arnold (who looks and sounds like Phil and Lil on Rugrats/All Grown Up!) was voiced by Kath Soucie who voiced Phil (bad boy and former friend/former best friend/former good friend of Tommy) who was the 1-night builder in the episode "Trading Places", the All Grown Up! one of 2007 and Lil on Rugrats and All Grown Up! in 1989-2008. Baby Arnold crying at several times "Mommy, Daddy!" was cameo voiced by Renee Sands in season 3, episode 28/67 or 69: Parents' Day (that's not a seasons 4-5 (1998-2004) episode) (made in 1998 and released in 2000). Arnold's best friend named Gerald was voiced by Jamil Smith (born in 1982) and other best friend named Eugene (who appeared in seasons 1-5, episode 12b (1996-2003)) was voiced by Christopher J. Castile (born in 1980) in seasons 1, episode 1 (1995), Jarrett Lennon (born in 1982) and Ben Diskin in season 1, episode 18a and seasons 2-5, episode 12b (1997-2003)). Arnold was voiced by J.D. Daniels (born in 1980) in season 0, episode 0d (1994), Toran Caudell (born in 1982) in season 1 (1995-1998), Phillip Van Dyke (born in 1985) in seasons 2-3 (1997-2000), Spencer Klein in seasons 4-5 (1999-2004), and Alex D. Linz (born in 1989) in season 5 (2000-2004). Arnold's other bully Harold was Arnold's best friend. Arnold's other bully is Jamie O (Gerald's brother). Torvald (Arnold's other bully and former tooter) was a 13 year old 7th grader to call Arnold a dead man. "Helga's Boyfriend", "Crush on Teacher", "Runaway Float", "Partners", "Part-Time Friends", and "Biosquare" are 1997-1998 season 1 (1996-1998) episodes, and aren't seasons 2-3 (1997-2000) episodes. Little Arnold was voiced by Rusty Flood (born in 1990) in seasons 3-4 (1998-2000). Arnold screamed in his house and woke up everybody turning on the lights at the end of a season 1 (1995-1998) episode "Door #16" (1996) and season 2 (1997-1998) episode "Four Eyed Jack" (1997). Arnold's parents are dead. Devyn Puett cameo voiced Rhonda in seasons 0, episode 0d (1993)-1, episode 1a (1995), Curly in season 0, episode 0d (1993) and singing Arnold/Gerald season 1, episode 1a (1995) and Stacy Ferguson cameo voiced Stinky in season 0, episode 0d (1993), singing Sheena in season 1, episode 1a (1995) and singing Arnold/Gerald in season 5, episode 12b (2003). Arnold's parents died. Arnold is like and looking like a girl. In the season 4 or 5 episode, Arnold said "Stinky, shut up.". Arnold now has a crush Lila. Stinky was voiced by Toran Caudell in season 1, episode 1a (1995) and Christopher Walberg in seasons 1, episode 18a-5 (1997-2004)). Hey Arnold! t-shirts were made in Broadway, New York, New York in 2014. In "On the Lam", Harold (NY PS 128 School Bully) and his gang members Stinky and Sid (Arnold's bullies) tied Arnold up on the chair and could've got arrested. Adult Arnold was voiced by probably Sarah Paulson. Arnold's bully babies were voiced by Kath Soucie and Renee Sands. In "The Flood", The kids were bad like they were in the Clarence episode "Millions of Clarence/Clarence's Millions" (2014).

The series was on Nickelodeon from October 7, 1996 until June 8, 2004. Episodes of Hey Arnold! are about 23 minutes each. Later on, Nickelodeon made a movie from it.