Kingdom of Romania

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Kingdom of Roumania
Regatul României







Flag Coat of arms
Trăiască Regele
Romania 1918–1940
Capital Bucharest
Language(s) Romanian
Government Constitutional monarchy
 - 1881–1914 Carol I
 - 1914–1927 Ferdinand I
 - 1927–1930 Michael I (1st reign)
 - 1930–1940 Carol II
 - 1940–1947 Michael I (2nd reign)
Legislature Parlamentul (Reprezentanţa Naţională, or Corpurile Legiuitoare)
 - Upper house Senatul
 - Lower house Adunarea Deputaţilor
Historical era Interwar period
 - Kingdom established 13 March 1881
 - Territorial expansion 1 December 1918
 - Monarchy abolished 30 December 1947
Currency Romanian Leu

The Kingdom of Roumania (or 'Romania' after 1969) was the old Romanian state based on a form of parliamentary monarchy between 13 March 1881 and 30 December 1947, specified by the First (in 1866), and respectively, the Second Constitution of Roumania. Thus, the Kingdom of Romania began with the reign of King Carol I of Romania.