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Kolding is a Danish seaport found at the head of Kolding Fjord in Region Syddanmark (Region of Southern Denmark). Kolding is a transportation, commercial, and manufacturing centre, and has many industrial companies.

With a population of 86,000 inhabitants, Kolding is the seventh largest in Denmark.

Evangelical Lutheran church in Kolding

History[change | edit source]

Battles of Kolding[change | edit source]

Battle of Kolding, 1658

1658[change | edit source]

In the Battle of Kolding on December 25, 1658, the alliance of Polish and Danish forces under hetman Stefan Czarniecki defeated the Swedish forces of Charles X Gustav of Sweden.

1849[change | edit source]

A battle between German and Danish troops in the town on April 23 1849 during the First War of Schleswig.

The fireworks accident in Seest[change | edit source]

On November 3, 2004, N. P. Johnsen's Fireworksfactory in Seest exploded. One firefighter died, 85 people were injured, and around 2000 people were evacuated during this accident in Kolding,.

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Sister cities[change | edit source]

The following cities are sisters of Kolding:[1]

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