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A maglev train in China

Maglev trains are a very fast type of train. Magnetic levitation is a technology that uses magnetic fields to make the train move. These fields lift the train a small distance above the tracks and moves the train. They are much faster than regular trains. By 2035, a trip from Toronto to Vancouver will take 3 hours. This same trip takes three days on a regular train. After this technology has been perfected, people will be able to travel faster across land on a maglev train than they would in an airplane.

The highest known speed of a maglev train is 600 km/h (370 mph). This was done in Japan in 2015

The magnetic field created by around a current carrying wire is the simple idea behind a maglev trains rail system. There are three components to this system:

- a large electrical power source - metal coils lining a guideway (track) - large guidence magnets attached to the under side of the train.