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Mississauga, Ontario is the sixth-largest city in Canada. It is near the largest city in Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In fact, it is a part of the Greater Toronto Area.

A Mississauga Transit Bus.

Things you might want to see in Mississauga[change | change source]

Statistics[change | change source]

Mississauga is a quickly growing and multicultural city. Statistics Canada estimates that Mississauga now has 704,000 people, an increase of 150,000 from the previous decade and the population has almost doubled in the past twenty years.

Law and Government[change | change source]

Mississauga has only had three mayors in its past and it was created in 1974. This is because the mayor right now, Hazel McCallion, 93, has been mayor from 1978.

Dr. Martin L. Dobkin 1974-1976
Ron A. Searle 1976-1978
Hazel McCallion 1978-Now

Mississauga is split into 11 wards (parts) each of them having their own councillor.

Ward 1 Jim Tovey
Ward 2 Patricia Mullin
Ward 3 Maja Prentice
Ward 4 Frank Dale
Ward 5 Eve Adams
Ward 6 Carolyn Parrish
Ward 7 Nando Iannica
Ward 8 Katie Mahoney
Ward 9 Pat Saito
Ward 10 Sue McFadden
Ward 11 George Carlson

Also, Mississauga is the largest city in Canada where there are more women in the council than men.

Federal and Provincial Ridings
Mississauga has six legislative (government) ridings that are the same for the Canadian government and the Ontario government. The Canadian government has people in charge of those ridings called M.P.'s (Member of Parliament) and the Ontario government has M.P.P.'s (Member of Provincial Parliament) in charge of them.

M.P.: Gurbax Malhi (Liberal)
M.P.P.: Kuldip Kular (Liberal)

M.P.: Bob Dechert (Conservative)
M.P.P.: Harinder Takhar (Liberal)

Mississauga-Brampton South
M.P.: Navdeep Bains (Liberal)
M.P.P: Amrit Mangat (Liberal)

Mississauga East-Cooksville
M.P.: Albina Guarnieri (Liberal)
M.P.P.: )

Mississauga South
M.P.: M.P.P.: Charles Sousa (Liberal)

M.P.: Bonnie Crombie (Liberal) M.P.P.: Bob Delaney (Liberal)