The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball is a British-American animated children's television series created by Ben Bocquelet. It is produced by Cartoon Network. The series first aired on May 3, 2011.[1]Season 2 was recorded made in May 2011.

Voice Cast[change | change source]

  • Logan Grove (Christian Actor) (born in July 24, 1998) (seasons 1-2 (2011-2013))/Kenny Ford, Jr. (rapping)/Jacob Hopkins (seasons 3-present (2014-present)) as Gumball (rapper/filmmaker/cool dude thug) (who is a man and was talking like a man in the episode "The Castle") (who was 9 or 10 years old in the pilot (2008) and 12 years old in season 1, episode 1 (2011) and who's 13 years old since season 1, episode 2 (2011)) (who disguised himself as his monster mom/closed his eyes with Darwin before Banana Joe screamed, ran, almost got Gumball and Darwin and hurt himself/didn't annoy Alan/doesn't and didn't sound like a fool/sighed if Jamie walked away/doesn't want to be called Gummypuss or names/doesn't have a real name yet)
  • Rupert Degas as Clayton/Little Ripley 2000 Manager/Banana Joe/Tobias/Anton/Idaho/Arthur (Alan) (Gumball's bullies/former friends) (season 1 (2011-2012))/Thugs/Pink Bear/Computer possessed by a Jerk (2 season 2 episodes (2013))/Jamie (seasons 3-present (2014-present))
  • Hugo Harrison as Molly Johnson (season 1 (2011-2012))/Bomb Guy/Banana Joe (Gumball's former best friend)/Tobias/Anton/Idaho/Arthur (Alan) (with a no high pitch voice since season 4) (who is annoying everybody/acting like Darwin/who showed anger/had a high pitched voice in seasons 1-2)/lied and was sorry to Masami and Carmen and being a no-good-lying hunk (who was in "The Storm"-"The Photo") in "The Storm" (after "The Pony" and before "The Photo")/Jamie (Gumball's bullies/rivals/former best friends who hate everybody) (seasons 2-present (2012-present))
  • Kwesi Boyake (seasons 1-2 (2011-2013))/Terrell Ransom, Jr. (seasons 3-present (2014-present)) as Darwin (who is mean and overbearing) (rapper/Gumball's former everybody hating bully brother/best friend or pet who was 7 years old in the pilot (2008) and 10 years old since season 1, episode 1 (2011))
  • Dan Russell as Leslie/Sussie/Mrs. Simian/Richard Watterson (a bully of Gumball and bad/former father Gumball hates)
  • Teresa Gallagher as Carmen (Gumball's girlfriend (love interest)/Alan's former girlfriend (love interest)), Penny Ferguson (Gumball's former girlfriend (love interest)), Nicole Watterson (a bully of Gumball and bad/former mother Gumball hates)/Granny JoJo/Masami (Alan's girlfriend and Darwin's former love interest)/Rachel (who looks like and is friends with Gumball/Darwin's love interest)/Carrie Addams (Gumball's bully)
  • Kerry Shale as Bobert (Gumball's bully) (a robot who's not the smartest student)
  • Jessica MacDonald as Jamie (season 1 (2011-2012))
  • Lewis MacLeod as Rocky (Gumball's best friend)

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