1923 Twente–Westphalia athletics competition

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1923 Twente–Westphalia athletics competition
Dates8 July 1923
Host cityEnschede, the Netherlands
VenueG.J. van Heekpark [nl]
TypeOutdoor track and field
Events15 (men: 11, women: 4)
Participation2 nations

The 1923 Twente–Westphalia athletics competition was an international athletics competition between athletes of Westphalia, Germany and Twente, the Netherlands. The competition was held at the G.J. van Heekpark [nl] in Enschede, the Netherlands on 8 July 1923. The competition included in total 15 events: 11 events for men and 4 events for women.[1]

The competition was the first Twente–Westphalia athletics competition. It is probably the second international women's athletics tournament in the Netherlands after the 1922 Pro Patria women's international athletics competition a year earlier.[1]

The competition was won by the Westphalia with 78 points versus Twente with 66 points.[2]

Requests were made to include attempts to break Dutch records. This was approved by the chairman of the Dutch athletics association who was present.[2] Harke (Olympia-Hengelo) broke the national record in the women's long jump with a distance of with 4.67 metres, beating the previous record of 4.55 from Annie van de Blankevoort. Franken (Hercules Hebe-Enschede) broke the women's 80 metres record with a time of with 10.5 seconds, beating the previous record of 10.7 seconds also from Annie van de Blankevoort.[3]

Preparations[change | change source]

In the four weeks ahead of the competition, the selection group of Twente trained with national athletics trainer Hjertberg.[1]

Competition format[change | change source]

In each individual event two athletes of each team competed. In the relay event the two teams competed against each other. The winner of each event received 4 points, with 3, 2 and 1 point for the other positions. For the overall classication all points from each teams are added together.[3]

Competition[change | change source]

According to the newspapers the competition were held in "tropical heat".[2][3]



Overall classification[change | change source]

Rank Athlete Points
1 Germany Westphalia 78
1 Netherlands Twente 66


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