2011 Chicago mayoral election

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Chicago mayoral election, 2011

← 2007 February 22, 2011 2015 →
Turnout42.3%[1][2] Increase 9.22 pp
  Rahm Emanuel, official photo portrait color (a).jpg Chico (5433855145).jpg MDV (5720370122 a).jpg
Candidate Rahm Emanuel Gery Chico Miguel del Valle
Popular vote 326,331 141,228 54,689
Percentage 55.19% 23.89% 9.25%

  Carol Moseley Braun NZ (1).jpg
Candidate Carol Moseley Braun
Popular vote 53,062
Percentage 8.97%

Mayor before election

Richard M. Daley

Elected Mayor

Rahm Emanuel

The city of Chicago, Illinois held a non-partisan mayoral election on Tuesday, February 22, 2011. Mayor Richard M. Daley, a member of the Democratic Party who had been in office since 1989, did not seek a seventh term as mayor.[3]

Candidates needed to collect 12,500 petition signatures by November 22, 2010 to qualify for a place on the ballot.[4] April 5, 2011 was scheduled to be a runoff election date if no candidate received a majority.[5][6]

Rahm Emanuel won the race for mayor with more than 55% of the vote.[7] He was inaugurated on May 16, 2011.[8]

Six candidates appeared on the February 22 ballot:

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