2022 Aqaba toxic gas leak

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2022 Aqaba toxic gas leak
2022 Aqaba toxic gas leak is located in Jordan
2022 Aqaba toxic gas leak
The location of the gas leak within Jordan
Date27 June 2022 (2022-06-27)
LocationPort of Aqaba, Jordan
Coordinates29°30′34″N 34°59′36″E / 29.50944°N 34.99333°E / 29.50944; 34.99333Coordinates: 29°30′34″N 34°59′36″E / 29.50944°N 34.99333°E / 29.50944; 34.99333
CauseChemical storage container fell onto a docked ship in the port and ruptured, spilling 25 tons of chlorine
Non-fatal injuries265+

On 27 June 2022, a toxic gas leak happened at the Port of Aqaba in Aqaba, Jordan. A container carrying 25 tons of chlorine fell from a crane onto a docked ship and leaked. The incident killed at least fourteen people and injured more than 265.[1]

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