3 A.M.

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"3 A.M." is a song by rapper Eminem off his album Relapse. It was produced by Dr. Dre. It is about being a serial killer. The video is very disturbing with Eminem in the woods with no shirt on and there is also drugs and a bath of blood in the video. Eminem's serial killer fetish first came to light when 50 Cent revealed that a track featuring Em called "Norman Bates Motel," a reference to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, would appear on Fiddy's Before I Self-Destruct. Despite the grisly lyrics, "3AM" does boast an awesome Dr. Dre beat, and Slim Shady's dexterous cadence is evidence of the extra time he was given experimenting with his prose while Dre alleviated the pressure of producing Relapse. Still, if Em's claim that "3AM" mirrors the overall tone of Relapse is true, we'll need a night light to make it through this album when it hits stores May 19th.