Abraham Maslow

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Abraham Maslow
Born(1908-04-01)April 1, 1908
DiedJune 8, 1970(1970-06-08) (aged 62)
Alma materUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison
Known forMaslow's hierarchy of needs
Scientific career
InstitutionsCornell University
Brooklyn College
InfluencesAlfred Adler, Kurt Goldstein, Henry Murray
InfluencedDouglas McGregor, Roberto Assagioli,[1] Colin Wilson, Abbie Hoffman, Wayne Dyer, Elliot Aronson

Abraham Maslow (April 1, 1908 – June 8, 1970) was an American psychologist. He is considered by other psychologists to be one of the most important psychologists of the 20th century.[2] He was ranked 10th among psychologists nominated for being well-known or influential. He is known for creating Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Maslow died of a heart attack.

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