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Administrators or admins are people who organize things like businesses. All businesses have administrators. They make decisions, organize the people who work there and make sure that things are working alright and there are no problems. Their work is called "administration". The administrators are part of the "management".

An administrator is also the person in charge of some of the small territories of the United Kingdom, for example Ascension Island and the British Antarctic Territory which are too small to run their own government.[1]

Administrators in life[change | change source]

In real life, administrators manage and control business to make sure it runs correctly. In business, Administrators are usually in-charge of handling disputes, work related issues, and keeping the office or place in working order. The admin usually supervise around the office of businesses and make sure that all tasks or requests are filled.

Administrators on the internet[change | change source]

Administrators on the internet usually manage and control a website. On websites that need it such as forums, they have moderation tools that ban them, warn them, etc. from the website to prevent bad and inappropriate content. Most websites usually treat moderation positions as a real job.[2]

References[change | change source]

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