Aerial warfare

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Aerial warfare is fighting a war in the air. This is usually done by using helicopters and airplanes. Bombers and attack aircraft fight enemies on the ground or bomb strategic targets in air raids. Fighter planes fight other airplanes. Transport aircraft carry infantry troops into battle or drop them as paratroopers.

History[change | change source]

8 years after aircraft were first invented by the wright brothers they were used in combat.Planes were mostly used for reconnaissance before they were armed and where often used as spotters for artillery.At first enemy pilots threw bricks,rope or other objects at enemy pilots.Later they used small arms like pistols and rifles to try to shoot the enemy pilots.In 1914 machine guns were mounted on many planes and this trend has continued to modern day.Biplanes were mostly replaced by monoplanes in world war 2.By world war two the concepts of bombers,fighters and fighter-bombers had been developed.World war 2 was the first war were aerial warfare played a major role.A famous aerial battle in world war 2 was the battle of britan.

a biplane

After world war 2 propeller aircraft was replaced with jet aircraft and fighters started carrying air to air missiles.Their was period where fighter aircraft were very optimized for speed and only carried air to air missiles.This was because the dogfighting that took place in previous wars was considered inpractiable with jet aircraft.This was wrong and soon jets were armed with guns and made more maneuverable again