Military branch

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Military branch (also service branch or armed service) is a part of the armed forces of a sovereign state.

Types of branches[change | change source]

Type Role Example
Air and space force Air and space warfare French Air and Space Force
Airborne forces Paratrooper operations Russian Airborne Forces
Air defence force Air and missile defense Egyptian Air Defense Forces
Air force Aerial warfare
Army Ground warfare
Coast guard Maritime security United States Coast Guard
Cyber force Cyberwarfare Digital and Intelligence Service (Singapore)
Emergencies service Disaster relief and emergency management. Military Emergencies Unit (Spain)
Gendarmerie Military police force National Gendarmerie (France)
Logistics service Military logistics Joint Support Service (Germany)
Marines Naval land force United States Marine Corps
Medical service Medical service Belgian Medical Component
Military police Military law enforcement agency Republic of China Military Police
Military reserve force National reserve and auxiliary service Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces
Navy Naval warfare
Rocket force Military rocketry People's Liberation Army Rocket Force (China)
Space force Space warfare United States Space Force
Special forces Special operations Special Operations Forces (Russia)

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