Afsharid dynasty

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The Afsharid dynasty
دودمان افشار



Flag Coat of arms
Afsharid Kingdom before the conquest of India, Oman, and Northern Central Asia
Capital Mashhad
Language(s) Persian
Government Monarchy
Shah Nader Shah (first)
Shahrokh (last)
 - Afsharid dynasty begins 1736
 - Afsharid dynasty ends 1796

The Afsharids (Persian: افشاریان) was a dynasty between 1736 to 1796 in Persia, Origin of Afsharid Kings was Greater Khorasan in Northeast of Persia (Turkmenistan). Founder of this Empire was Nader Shah Afshar.

The Afsharid Empire was the greatest Iranian dynasty after Islam.

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