Alan Shepard

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Alan Shepard
Alan shepard.jpg
Alan Shepard
Alan Shepard

November 18, 1923
East Derry, New Hampshire, USA
DiedJuly 21, 1998 (aged 74)
Cause of deathLeukemia

Alan Shepard (November 18, 1923 - July 21, 1998)[1] was an American astronaut. He was the first American to travel into space. He was born in East Derry, New Hampshire.[1] He received a Bachelor of Science at Naval Academy in 1944, graduated at Naval Testpilot School in 1951 and he earned a Master of Arts at the Naval War College in 1957.

On May 5, 1961, Shepard flew into space in the Freedom 7 spacecraft. This was powered by a Redstone rocket.[1]

He made another space flight as spacecraft commander (person in charge) of Apollo 14. This was the third trip to land astronauts on the moon. The trip lasted from January 31 - February 9, 1971.[1]

Shepard died of leukemia in Pebble Beach, California.

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