Aleksey Mozgovoy

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Mozgovoy in August 2014.

Aleksey Borisovich Mozgovoy (Russian: Алексе́й Бори́сович Мозгово́й, Ukrainian: Олексі́й Бори́сович Мозгови́й, born Oleksiy Borisovich Mozhovyj; 3 April 1975 – 23 May 2015) was a Ukrainian pro-Russian separatist commander in the self-proclaimed Republic of Novorossiya until 20 May 2015. He was leader of the rebel battalion "Prizrak". He was born in Svatove Raion, Voroshilovgrad Oblast.

He and four other people were killed on 23 May 2015 in a car attack in Perevalsk Raion, Luhansk Oblast. He was 40.[1]

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