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Ukrainians are a group of East Slavic people from Ukraine. Ukrainians speak the ukrainian language. Also widespread a russian language (Mostly on South and East).

The Ukrainians - one of the largest European nations totaling about 44 million. The majority of Ukrainians, about 37 million, living in Ukraine. The largest Ukrainian community abroad Ukraine is in Russia. About 3 million Russian citizens consider themselves to be Ukrainians. About 2 million Ukrainians live in North America (890,000 in the USA and 1 million in Canada). A large number of Ukrainians living in countries such as Brazil (880,000), Kazakhstan (500,000), Moldova (450,000), Argentina (305,000), Poland (300,000), Belarus (250,000) and Slovakia (200,000). Also, Ukrainian diaspora exist in Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Romania and Latvia.