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Coordinates: 47°N 29°E / 47°N 29°E / 47; 29

Republic of Moldova
Republica Moldova (Romanian)
Coat of arms of Moldova
Coat of arms
Limba Noastră
"Our Language"
Location of Moldova (green) and Transnistria (light green) in Europe.
Location of Moldova (green) and
Transnistria (light green) in Europe.
47°0′N 28°55′E / 47.000°N 28.917°E / 47.000; 28.917
Largest citycapital a[1][2][3]
Recognised regional languagesBulgarian, Gagauz, Ukrainian
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
• President
Maia Sandu
Natalia Gavrilița
Independence from the USSR
23 June 1990
27 August 1991b
25 December 1991
• Constitution adopted
29 July 1994
• Total
33,846 km2 (13,068 sq mi) (138th)
• Water (%)
• 2014 estimate
(excluding Transnistria)
• 2004 census
(excluding Transnistria)
(including Transnistria)
• Density
105/km2 (271.9/sq mi) (101st)
GDP (PPP)2016 estimate
• Total
$18.057 billion[11]
• Per capita
$5,082 [11]
GDP (nominal)2016 estimate
• Total
$6.084 billion[11]
• Per capita
$1,712 [11]
Gini (2010)Positive decrease 33.0[12]
HDI (2014)Increase 0.693[13]
medium · 107th
CurrencyLeu (MDL)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
• Summer (DST)
Driving sideright
Calling code+373
ISO 3166 codeMD
  1. As determined by the Moldovan Declaration of Independence, which the Constitutional court of Moldova found to take precedence over Article 13 of the Constitution, which uses the name "Moldovan".[1]
  2. Date of proclamation. Independence subsequently finalized with the dissolution of the USSR in December 1991.

Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe.[14][15][16] Its full name is the Republic of Moldova (Romanian: Republica Moldova, About this soundlisten .) It used to be called Moldavia. It borders Ukraine to the north and Romania to the south.

The official language in Moldova is the Romanian language. The capital of Moldova is Chișinău.

The Russian Empire took almost half of the Principality of Moldova in 1812 and called it Bessarabia. Between 1918 - 1940 and 1941-1944 it was part of the Kingdom of Romania. It became independent from the Soviet Union after its dissolution.

The average monthly salary/wages are still low, standing at only $243 USD.[17] Moldova is an associated country for future membership in the European Union.[18]

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