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Church at Altenhohenau convent

Altenhohenau was a Dominican convent in Bavaria, Germany. It is in the municipality of Griesstätt, near Wasserburg on the Inn river.[1]

History[change | change source]

Dominican nuns from Nürnberg started the community in 1235. Count Konrad von Wasserburg and his wife, Kunigunde were the founders.[1]

Reform and books[change | change source]

In 1465, the community accepted reform.[2] The reform started in the Schönensteinback convent in Alsace. Ten nuns from Schönensteinback went to St. Catherine's convent in Nuremberg. Before the reform, the library at St. Catherine's had 45 books. After the reform it had 500-600 books. The nuns at St. Catherine's helped other convents with their libraries. The convents needed books for the new prayers and rules of the reform. They helped St. Catherine's convent in St. Gall to copy books. They gave many books to the convents at Fraenaurach and Altenhohenau.[3]

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