Anatoly Dobrynin

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Anatoly Dobrynin
Анатолий Добрынин
AF Dobrynin 01.png
Anatoly Dobrynin on 23 June 1967
Head of the International Department of the Central Committee
In office
6 March 1986 – 30 September 1988
Preceded by Boris Ponomarev
Succeeded by Valentin Falin
Ambassador of the Soviet Union to the United States
In office
4 January 1962 – 19 May 1986
Preceded by Mikhail Menshikov
Succeeded by Yuri Dubinin
Personal details
Born (1919-11-16)16 November 1919
Krasnaya Gorka, Mozhaisk Uyezd, Moscow Governorate, Russian SFSR
Died 6 April 2010(2010-04-06) (aged 90)
Moscow, Moscow Oblast, Russia

Anatoly Fyodorovich Dobrynin was a Russian statesman and a Soviet diplomat. He was the Soviet Ambassador to the United States. He served during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Dobrynin worked with 6 American presidents. He was well liked in the United States.[1]

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