Ancient Moirang

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Khuman Khamba and Moirang Thoibi performing a devotional dance before the pantheon of Lord Ebudhou Thangjing Temple in Ancient Moirang.

Ancient Moirang, also known as Keke Moirang,[1] was an ancient civilization that flourished in the southern plains of the present day Manipur, India.[2][3][4][5][6] The Keke Kangla served as the capital city of the kingdom since time immemorial.[7] The major body of accounts related to the history, literature, mythology of the kingdom are collectively called Moirang Kangleirol.

History[change | change source]

Contemporary periods[change | change source]

The contemporary periods of the kingdom had parallelism with the Chinese Golden Ages. The period started from 52 BC in Moirang and 208 BC in China.[8]

Genealogy of ancient rulers[change | change source]

The Moirang Ningthourol (genealogy of the ancient rulers) were calculated with reference to many ancient texts, including the Cheitharol Kumpapa.[9]

Government and Economy[change | change source]

Administration and Commerce[change | change source]

The Iwang Puriklai (ruler of Moirang) was the absolute monarch of the kingdom. For a smooth and sound administration, the kingdom was divided into eight leikais (wards or sectors). Along with this division, there were also nine organized marketplaces.[10] There were various institutions of the Phamnaiba Loishangs (Offices hold by Scholars), for smooth and proper conduct of the Thangjing Haraoba in the kingdom.[11]

Culture[change | change source]

Religion[change | change source]

The ancient people worshipped Lord Thangjing, the presiding deity, as the progenitor of the kingdom.[12][13]

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