Anti-Armenian sentiment

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Anti-Armenianism is hostility toward or prejudice against Armenian people, Armenian culture and the Republic of Armenia, which can range in expression from individual hatred to institutionalized persecution. Several organizations have stated that difficulties currently experienced by the Armenian minority in Turkey are a result of an anti-Armenian attitude by the Turkish government[1] as well as by ultra-nationalist groups such as the Grey Wolves.

Modern anti-Armenianism often seems to lacks a racial and cultural basis and appears to be based more on geopolitics and history, in addition to diplomatic and strategic interests, involving the modern states of Turkey and Azerbaijan. The controversy and emotions surrounding the Armenian Genocide and Nagorno-Karabakh are two examples of intense anti-Armenianism in both countries. Modern Anti-Armenianism is usually associated with either extreme opposition to the actions or existence of the Armenian Republic, and belief in an Armenian conspiracy.

Anti-Armenianism by individuals[change | change source]

For several months in 1994, Ahmet Coşar going by the alias of Serdar Argic posted thousands of messages, claiming that the Armenian Genocide did not happen or that Armenians massacred Turks, on Usenet newsgroup threads mentioning the word Turkey. Samuel Weems published the book "Armenia: The Secrets of a "Christian" Terrorist State" where he has made such claims as the "number one export of Armenia is terrorism" and that there was no Armenian Genocide.[2] American historian Justin McCarthy is known for his controversial support of Turkey's denial of the Armenian Genocide.[3] Azeri cartoonist Kerim Kerimov Mammadhan has produced around 4500[4] Anti-Armenian cartoons, most of which depict crude caricatures of Armenians. His cartoons are often included with the phrase “Terrorism, narkomania, and armenism are the same disease”. His works also often mocks the Armenian Genocide and its recognition by foreign countries, especially countries in Europe. Murad Gumen is another individual who espouses anti-Armenian rhetoric in his website "Tall Armenian Tale". Barbaros Agri uses the social networking site Facebook to advocate anti-Armenianism by being the creator of "The Biggest Lie Ever Told: The Armenian Genocide". The cause has 5000 plus members.

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