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The first large-scale anti-Zionist demonstrations in Palestine, March 1920, during the Occupied Enemy Territory Administration.[1] The crowd of Muslim and Christian Palestinians are shown outside Damascus Gate, Old City of Jerusalem.

Anti-Zionism means opposition to Zionism. It is commonly associated with the State of Israel. People that supports Anti-Zionism ideology are known as Anti-Zionist. The ideology started in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when Jews from Europe and other places began to come and settle in the region of Palestine. Anti-Zionists consider Zionism as Settler Colonialism.[2]

Anti-Zionism includes, for example, criticism of the current policies of the state of Israel as well as moral, ethical, or religious criticism of the idea of a Jewish nation-state. Criticism of Israeli policies is mainly about, its occupation of the West Bank, Golan Heights, and a Lebanese territory named Shebaa farms since 1967 and blockade of the Gaza Strip for more then 17 years.[3][4][5] Israelis and some Americans consider Anti-Zionism as Anti-Semitism. Until World War II, anti-Zionism was widespread among Jews for different reasons. Orthodox Jews opposed Zionism on religious grounds, as preempting the Messiah.[6] Anti-Zionists criticize the idea of a Jewish state on various grounds, including concerns about the killing and displacement of Palestinian communities (which happened during Nakba and happens till today), the nature of national identity, and geopolitical implications. Opposition to Zionism was, and continues to be high in the Arab world, especially among Palestinians.[7]

Countries or militant groups that have a Anti Zionism ideology often refers to the State of Israel as a zionist entity. In countries like Iran or Kuwait, the state run media don't use the word 'Israel' and a time when one of the Kuwaiti channel used the word Israel by mistake it apologized to the Arab people.[8]

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