Arghakhanchi District

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Arghākhānchī Jillā
अर्घाखाँची जिल्ला
Location of Arghakhanchi in Nepal
Location of Arghakhanchi in Nepal
Coordinates: 28°00′03″N 83°14′48″E / 28.000833333333°N 83.246666666667°E / 28.000833333333; 83.246666666667
parliamentary seatSandhikharka
 • Total1,193 km2 (461 sq mi)
 • Total197,632[1]
Time zoneUTC+05:45 (NST)
Languages Nepali

Arghakhanchi (Nepali: अर्घाखाँची जिल्लाaudio speaker iconListen ) is a district in Nepal. It is in the Lumbini Zone in the western region. The district headquarters of this district is Sandhikharka.

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