Armenian Revolutionary Federation

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The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF or ՀՅԴ) (Armenian: Հայ Յեղափոխական ԴաշնակցութիւնHay Heghapokhakan Dashnaktsutiun, Dashnaktsutiun, ԴաշնակDashnak or Tashnag) is an Armenian political party founded in Tiflis (Tbilisi in modern-day Georgia) in 1890 by Christapor Mikaelian, Stepan Shaumian, Stepan Zorian, and Simon Zavarian.[1] The party works in Armenia and in countries where the Armenian diaspora is active, notably in Lebanon and the ethnically Armenian-dominated de facto Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh.[2][3]

Museum[change | change source]

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation History Museum was created during an official ceremony Friday 2007 at Yerevan's Kristapor Mikaelian Center, with the party's leaders and supporters on hand to mark this momentous occasion.

Opened in 1946, the ARF History Museum was in Paris and during the years has collected more than 3,000 artifacts describing the party's history. After the ARF's return to Armenia, the museum and the ARF archives have been sent to Armenia.

Giro Manoyan is one of the leaders of ARF.

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