Arriva London

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Arriva London
DLA320, a DAF DB250 10.2m / ALX400 in use with Arriva
Parent Arriva
Founded Various
Headquarters Wood Green
Service area Greater London
Service type Bus
Routes 113
109 (from 2012)
Hubs Croydon, Norwood, Tottenham, Enfield, Wandsworth, Battersea
Operator Arriva Group
Web site

Arriva London is a bus company. It is a division of Arriva, which operates services in Greater London. It is made up of Grey Green, Leaside Buses and London Country bus operations, that splits into the north and the south.

Arriva London North Limited[change | change source]

Arriva London North Limited[1] operates nine bus garages.

  • Palmers Green (AD)
  • Ash Grove (AE)
  • Tottenham (AR)
  • Clapton (CT)
  • Barking (DX)
  • Enfield (E)
  • Lee Valley (LV)
  • Stamford Hill (SF)
  • Wood Green (WN)

Arriva London South Limited[change | change source]

Arriva London South Limited[2] operate four bus garages.

  • Brixton (BN)
  • Norwood (N)
  • Croydon (TC)
  • Thornton Heath (TH)

References[change | change source]

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