Asiana Airlines Flight 733

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Asiana Airlines Flight 733
HL7235 B737-4Q8 Asiana KIX 12JUL01 (6912266102).jpg
A 737-400 similar to the aircraft that crashed
DateJuly 26, 1993 (1993-07-26)
SummaryControlled flight into terrain due to pilot error and bad weather
SiteUngeo Mountain near Mokpo Airport, South Korea
34°42′30.66″N 126°18′38.66″E / 34.7085167°N 126.3107389°E / 34.7085167; 126.3107389Coordinates: 34°42′30.66″N 126°18′38.66″E / 34.7085167°N 126.3107389°E / 34.7085167; 126.3107389
Aircraft typeBoeing 737-5L9
OperatorAsiana Airlines
Flight originSeoul-Gimpo International Airport (SEL)
DestinationMokpo Airport (MPK)

Asiana Airlines Flight 733 (OZ733, AAR733, registration HL7229) was a domestic Asiana Airlines passenger flight. The flight was from Seoul-Gimpo International Airport to Mokpo Airport, South Korea.

The flight crashed on 26 July 1993 in the Hwawon area of Haenam County, South Jeolla Province. 68 of the 116 passengers and crew on board were killed, including the captain and first officer.[1]

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