Asturleonese language

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Spain (Asturias, northwestern Castile and León)
Northeastern Portugal (Terra de Miranda)
Some authors include Cantabria and parts of Extremadura
Linguistic classification:Indo-European
ISO 639-2 and 639-5:ast

Asturleonese (Asturian: Asturlleonés) is a Romance language spoken mainly in the autonomous communities of Asturias, northwestern Castile and León and Cantabria, and also in some parts of Portugal. Asturleonese is a dialect continuum, speakers of Leonese, Cantabrian and Asturian (Mirandese in Portugal) are mutually intelligible, meaning they can understand each other.[1] Asturleonese has been classified by UNESCO as an endangered language, because it is being replaced by the Spanish language.[2]

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