Athletics at the 1934 Women's World Games – shot put

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shot put
at the 1934 Women's World Games
VenueWhite City Stadium
LocationLondon, Great Britain
  • 9 August (qualification and final)
Winning time13.67 metres
gold medal    Germany
silver medal    Germany
bronze medal    Czechoslovakia
← 1930

The shot put at the 1934 Women's World Games was held at the White City Stadium in London, at the first day of the Games on 9 August 1934.

In the final, the German Gisela Mauermayer won the event with a distance of 13.67 metres, ahead of the German Tilly Fleischer and the Czechoslovak Štepánka Pekárová.[1]

Entrants[change | change source]

On 9 August an incomple list was published of participating athletes. This list consisted of athletes from seven nations: Austria, Czechslovakia, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland. Listed below are the athletes from these nations who were entered for the shot put event.[2]

It was also mentioned at a certain point that the Dutchwoman De Kock would participate, but she didn't compete in the shot put event.[3]

Nationality Name
 Czechoslovakia Štepánka Pekárová
 Germany Tilly Fleischer
 Germany Gisela Mauermeyer
 Great Britain Irene Phillips
 Great Britain Kathleen Tilley
 Poland Genowefa Cejzikowa

Results[change | change source]

Qualification[change | change source]

Final[change | change source]

The final took place in the afternoon on 9 August 1934.

Štepánka Pekárová was the only women who improved her performance in the final compared to the qualification.

Rank Name Nationality Distance Notes
1 Gisela Mauermayer  Germany 13.67 m.
2 Tilly Fleischer  Germany 12.10 m.
3 Štepánka Pekárová  Czechoslovakia 11.82 m.
4 Jadwiga Wajs  Poland
5 Genowefa Cejzikowa  Poland
6 Eileen Crockart  South Africa


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