Avoca River

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Avoca River at Avoca, Victoria

The Avoca River drains a large area of western and central Victoria, Australia. It is 270 kilometres from its beginnings near Amphitheatre to Lake Bael Bael.[1] It flows through several towns including Avoca, Bealiba, Charlton and Culgoa. It is not a deep river, most of it is less than 2m, but there are some deeper pools near Logan.[1] There are 13 creeks which flow into the Avoca River.[2] The river carries varying amounts of water, and in summer can stop flowing for several months.[3] At other times it can flood. In January 2010 the river flooded and covered about 80% of the town of Charlton.[4] The roads into the town were cut and emergency food supplies had to be brought in by helicopter.[5] The town of Culgoa was also flooded.[6]

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