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Bathory logga vit p svart ny.jpg
Bathory logo.
Background information
OriginVällingby, Sweden
GenresBlack metal, Viking metal[1][2]
Years active1983–2004

Bathory was an extreme metal band from Vällingby, Sweden. The band formed in 1983. Bathory broke up in 2004. The band's main songwriter was Quorthon. Bathory released 12 studio albums and 5 compilation albums. Bathory's first four albums were "the blueprint for Scandinavian black metal".[3] The band first played black metal but moved on to viking metal in its later years.

Band members[change | change source]

  • Quorthon (Thomas Börje Forsberg) – vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums (1983–2004)
  • Freddan/Hanoi (Frederick Melander) – bass guitar (1983–1984)
  • Vans McBurger (Jonas Åkerlund) – drums (1983–1984)
  • Ribban – bass guitar (1984)
  • Stefan Larsson – drums (1984–1986)
  • Adde – bass guitar (1985)
  • Paul Pålle Lundburg – drums (1986–1987)
  • Kothaar – bass guitar (1988–1996)
  • Vvornth – drums (1988–1996)

Discography[change | change source]

Studio albums[change | change source]

Compilation albums[change | change source]

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References[change | change source]

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