Battle of Majuba Hill

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Battle of Majuba
Part of First Boer War

The Battle of Majuba, drawn by Richard Caton Woodville for the Illustrated London News
Date27 February 1881
Majuba Hill, near Volksrust,
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

27°27′42″S 29°51′41″E / 27.4616°S 29.8613°E / -27.4616; 29.8613 (Battle of Majuba Hill)Coordinates: 27°27′42″S 29°51′41″E / 27.4616°S 29.8613°E / -27.4616; 29.8613 (Battle of Majuba Hill)
Result Strong Boer victory
South African Republic United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Commanders and leaders
Nicolaas Smit
Stephanus Roos
Danie Malan
Joachim Ferreira
Sir George Pomeroy Colley
400-500 men 405 infantry
Casualties and losses
1 dead
5 wounded
92 dead
134 wounded
59 captured

The Battle of Majuba Hill was the main battle of the First Boer War. It happened near Volksrust, South Africa on 27 February 1881.

While the battle was small it was important in history. It led to the signing of a peace treaty. The treaty was between the British and the South African Republic. It ended the First Boer War. Also the fire and movement tactics used by the Boers were years ahead of their time. This battle and two before it convinced the British of the Boers strength. During the Second Anglo-Boer War "Remember Majuba" became a rallying cry.

Some important British historians say that this defeat marked the beginning of the decline of the British Empire.