Battle of Uclés (1108)

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Battle of Uclés
Part of the Reconquista

Battlefield of Uclés
Date29 May 1108
Result Decisive Almoravid victory
Almoravid retake Cuenca, Huete, Ocaña, and Uclés
Almoravids Kingdom of Castile
Kingdom of León
Commanders and leaders
Abu Tahir Tamim ibn Yusuf
Muhammad ibn Aysa
Abdallah ibn Fatima
Muhammad ibn Abi Ranq
Sancho Alfónsez 
García Ordóñez 
Álvar Fáñez
Martín Flaínez 
Fernando Díaz 
>2,300 ~2,300
Casualties and losses
incl. the imam al-Jazuli
incl. Sancho and seven counts

The Battle of Uclés was on 29 May 1108. It was during the Reconquista period near the city of Uclés, south of the river of Tagus. It was fought between the Christians of Castile and León. They were commanded under Alfonso VI. The other side was the Muslim Almoravids. They were under the command of Tamim ibn-Yusuf. The battle ended very badly for the Christians.

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39°59′00″N 2°51′00″W / 39.9833°N 2.8500°W / 39.9833; -2.8500