Siege of Lisbon

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Siege of Lisbon
Part of the Portuguese Reconquista
and the Second Crusade

The Conquest of Lisbon painting by Alfredo Roque Gameiro (1917)
Date1 July – 25 October 1147
Result Portuguese-Crusader victory
Taifa of Badajoz
Commanders and leaders
Afonso I of Portugal
Hervey de Glanvill
Arnout IV, Count of Aarschot
Christian of Ghistelles
Simon of Dover
Andrew of London
Saher of Archelle
William Longsword


  • 7,000 Portuguese
  • 6,000 English
  • 5,000 Germans
  • 2,000 Flemings[1]

The siege of Lisbon was a battle in the city of Lisbon. Portugal. The seige to place from 1 July to 25 October 1147. Portugal retook the city and removed the Moors who controlled it. The siege of Lisbon was one of the Christian victories of the Second Crusade.[2]

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