Berlin Hauptbahnhof

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Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is the central railway station of the German capital Berlin. It began full operation two days after a ceremonial opening on 26 May 2006.

It is on the site of the old Lehrter Bahnhof. Until it opened as a main line station, it was a stop on the Berlin S-Bahn suburban railway, temporarily named Berlin Hauptbahnhof - Lehrter Bahnhof in 2002.

The station has the largest traffic volume for a through-station in Europe.[1] Paris Gare du Nord is the largest station in Europe measured by traffic volume but it is regarded as a terminus.

The longest route that runs through Berlin Hauptbanhof is the Sibirjak. It links Berlin to some cities in Russia. It passes through Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. The longest route offered goes to Novosibirsk. This takes almost four days to travel.

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