Bishesh Huirem

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Bishesh Huirem
OccupationActor, Costume Designer, Model, Salonnière
Known for
  • First Indian transgender person to represent her country in international beauty pageant
  • First Indian transgender person to be appointed as a state icon in parliamentary elections
  • First Manipuri transgender person to win Best Actor Award
  • Manglem Huirem (father)
  • Khomdonbi Huirem (mother)

Bishesh Huirem is an Indian actress and model. She belongs to the Meitei ethnicity of Manipur. She is best remembered for representing India at the "Miss International Queen for Transgender" organised in Pattaya, Thailand in 2016. She is the first Indian transgender person who represents her country in the "Miss International Beauty Queen" Contest.[2][3][4] She is the first Indian transgender person to be appointed as a state icon for the parliamentary polls in the Lok Sabha elections.[5][6] She is the first transgender person to win the "Best Actor Award" in the 14th Manipur State Film Awards, 2022.[7][8][9] Ang Tamo,[10] It's Not My Choice [11] and Apaiba Leichil are some of her notable films.

Filmography[change | change source]

Bishesh Huirem's Filmography
Movie Year Director
2012 Ang Tamo Pilu Heigrujam
2015 It's Not My Choice Priyakanta Laishram
2021 Apaiba Leichil Bobby Wahengbam

Selected Shumang Kumhei Plays[change | change source]

  • Border
  • Restafen
  • Pizza
  • Nupigi Thamoi
  • Chagee Khuji
  • Eengengee Nini Panba
  • Inamma
  • Tamphayai
  • Kairaba Chaphu
  • Kunti 4
  • Ishing Chaibi
  • Mou Ahum Ningol Ama
  • Online Da Luhongba
  • Sanagi Thambal
  • Maogi Ibai
  • Nungshi Laman

2016 apology demand incident[change | change source]

On 13 September 2016, Huirem was allegedly beaten up by the personal security guards and armed personnel of Rural Development Minister Moirangthem Okendra in Imphal, Manipur.[12][13][14] The incident happened in a road rage at around 10 pm during night.[15][16] Consequently, Bishesh protested and served an ultimatum to Okendra to apologize for the incident within seven days or face outcomes. However, the officials of the Minister rejected her claim over the incident. According to them, Bishesh was driving “dead drunk” and was even not able to reverse her car which was blocking the minister’s security escorts. Further, the minister's officials said that Bishesh was throwing tantrums claiming she had the right to drive and even attempted to forcibly open the minister’s vehicle's door. In response, Bishesh denied all the claims from the minister's officials as "baseless charges". She denied she was drunk. She clarified that she was not even consuming salt and oil in her diet for her hormone therapy in a preparation for a beauty contest. Shocked by the incident, she was hospitalized. The associations and organizations of various artistes banned all mobile theatres, films and music programmes in the Heirok Assembly Constituency (Okendra's vonstituency) until and unless he apologized.[17][18][19]

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