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Boeing 767

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Boeing 767
A side/underneath view of a Boeing 767-300 in Delta Air Lines' white, blue, and red color during climbout. The main undercarriage doors are retracting.
A Boeing 767-300ER of Air Canada
Role Wide-body jet airliner
National origin United States
Manufacturer Boeing Commercial Airplanes
First flight September 26, 1981 (1981-09-26)
Introduction September 8, 1982, with United Airlines
Status In service
Primary users Delta Air Lines
FedEx Express
UPS Airlines
United Airlines
Produced 1981–present
Number built 1,219 as of June 2021[1][2]
  • Boeing E-767
  • Boeing KC-46 Pegasus
  • Boeing KC-767
  • Northrop Grumman E-10 MC2A

The Boeing 767 is a wide-body aircraft made and built by Boeing. The aircraft was developed on July 14, 1978, as a part of the 7X7 project.[3] The first prototype flew on September 26, 1981. The aircraft was certified on July 30, 1982.

The aircraft started flying the 767-200 commercially on September 8, 1982 with United Airlines. They did not fly the 767-100 as it had close to the same seats as the Boeing 757.[3] The 767-200ER, which has more range, started flying in 1984.[4] The 767-300, which is a longer version, started flying in 1986.[5] The 767-300ER, which has more range than the 767-300, started flying in 1988.[5]

A cargo version, the 767-300F, started flying in 1995.[6] It was made into the 767-400ER, which is longer.[5]

Accidents and incidents[change | change source]

The Spirit of Delta 767 at the Delta Museum in Atlanta

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