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Bokermannohyla saxicola
Scientific classification Edit this classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Hylidae
Subfamily: Hylinae
Genus: Bokermannohyla
Faivovich et al. 2005
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Bokermannohyla is a genus of frogs in the family Hylidae. Scientists invented this genus in 2005. That year, many amphibian scientists looked at the species of in Hylidae and decided to make changes.[1] Twenty-three species that had been placed in the genus Hyla were moved to Bokermannohyla.

These frogs live in southern Brazil.[2]

Scientist tell whether a frog is a Bokermannohyla frog using 65 specific parts of the DNA in its nucleus and mitochondria. These genes are for proteins and ribosomes.[1]

This group is named after scientist Werner Carlos Agosto Bokermann.[1]

Size[change | change source]

With most frogs, the adult female frog is larger than the adult male frog. But with some frogs in Bokermannohyla, the adult male frog is larger. Scientists say this happens when the male frogs fight each other for good places to find female frogs.[3]

Species[change | change source]

Binomial name and author Common name
Bokermannohyla ahenea (Napoli & Caramaschi, 2004)
Bokermannohyla alvarengai (Bokermann, 1956) Santa Barbara tree frog
Bokermannohyla astartea (Bokermann, 1967) Paranapiacaba tree frog
Bokermannohyla capra (Napoli & Pimenta, 2009)
Bokermannohyla caramaschii (Napoli, 2005)
Bokermannohyla carvalhoi (Peixoto, 1981) Carvalho's tree frog
Bokermannohyla circumdata (Cope, 1871) Espirito Santo tree frog
Bokermannohyla claresignata (A. Lutz & B. Lutz, 1939) Rio tree frog
Bokermannohyla clepsydra (A. Lutz, 1925) São Paulo tree frog
Bokermannohyla diamantina (Napoli & Juncá, 2006)
Bokermannohyla flavopicta (Leite, Pezzuti & Garcia, 2012)
Bokermannohyla gouveai (Peixoto & Cruz, 1992) Itatiaia tree frog
Bokermannohyla hylax (Heyer, 1985) Atlantic forest tree frog
Bokermannohyla ibitiguara (Cardoso, 1983) Fazenda Salto tree frog
Bokermannohyla ibitipoca (Caramaschi & Feio, 1990) Ibitipoca tree frog
Bokermannohyla itapoty (Lugli & Haddad, 2006)
Bokermannohyla izeckshoni (Jim & Caramaschi, 1979) Izecksohn's tree frog
Bokermannohyla juiju (Faivovich, Lugli, Lourenço & Haddad, 2009)
Bokermannohyla langei (Bokermann, 1965) Marumbi tree frog
Bokermannohyla lucianae (Napoli & Pimenta, 2003)
Bokermannohyla luctuosa (Pombal & Haddad, 1993) Reservoir tree frog
Bokermannohyla martinsi (Bokermann, 1964) Martins' tree frog
Bokermannohyla nanuzae (Bokermann & Sazima, 1973) Jaboticatubas tree frog
Bokermannohyla napolii (de Carvalho, Giaretta & Magrini, 2012)
Bokermannohyla oxente (Lugli & Haddad, 2006)
Bokermannohyla pseudopseudis (Miranda-Ribeiro, 1937) Veadeiros tree frog
Bokermannohyla ravida (Caramaschi, Napoli & Bernardes, 2001)
Bokermannohyla sagarana (Leite, Pezzuti & Drummond, 2011)
Bokermannohyla sapiranga (Brandão, de Magalhães, Garda, Campos, Sebben & Maciel, 2012)
Bokermannohyla saxicola (Bokermann, 1964) Ledge tree frog
Bokermannohyla sazimai (Cardoso & Andrade, 1982) Zagaia tree frog
Bokermannohyla vulcaniae (Vasconcelos & Giaretta, 2005)

References[change | change source]

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