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Boy band

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American boy band Big Time Rush

A boy band is a type of musical group with three or more young male singers. Usually, the singers are able to perform as dancers as well. Most singers in boy bands do not play musical instruments. Boy bands usually perform pop or R&B music.

Best-selling boy bands

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Despite negative critical reception, boy bands continue to be generally successful, with some notable ones managing to sell tens of millions of records, placing them among the world's best selling music artists. The best-selling boy bands based on sales figures are:

Total sales

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Name Nationality Claimed sales Years active Genre
BIGBANG South Korea 150 Millions 2006 - present K-Pop
Backstreet Boys United States 130 Millions 1993–present (24 years) Pop
The Jackson 5 United States 100 Millions 1964–1990, 2001, 2012–2013 (29 years) Pop/R&B
New Kids on the Block United States 80 Millions 1984–1994, 2008–present (19 years) Pop
The Osmonds United States 77 Millions 1958–1980 (22 years) Pop


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Some of the most popular boy bands include the following:

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