Brian Griffin

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Brian Griffin
Family Guy character
First appearance"Death Has a Shadow"
Created bySeth MacFarlane
Voiced bySeth MacFarlane
  • Lois Griffin (divorced)
  • Jess Schlotz (deceased)
Significant other(s)Jillian Russell (ex-girlfriend)
ChildrenDylan Flannigan (son)
EducationBrown University

Brian Griffin was one of the main characters in the American animated TV sit-com, Family Guy.

He was the 8-year-old pet dog of the Griffin family. He showed many human behaviours (he could walk upright, drink, smoke, and speak English) but he still showed many behaviours associated with dogs, such as fetching a ball, fearing the vacuum cleaner and barking at squirrels.

He was the only Family Guy character to have appeared in every episode of the series. In a 2004 interview, Seth MacFarlane (the show's creator) revealed that Brian is his favorite character.

In the 12th season episode, "Life of Brian", he gets hit by a car and dies later at the veterinarian. Before he died, he thanked the Griffins for giving him a wonderful life and that he loves them all.[1] He was soon brought back to life in the Christmas special "Christmas Guy".[2]

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