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Bulgarian Communist Party

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Bulgarian Communist Party
Last leaderAlexander Lilov
Founded1919 (1919)
Dissolved1990 (1990)
Succeeded byBulgarian Socialist Party
Political positionFar-left
Party flag

The Bulgarian Communist Party (Bulgarian: Българска комунистическа партия; shortened BCP) was the ruling political party in Bulgaria from 1946 until 1990.

The party led a coup against the tsarist government in 1944.[1]

Todor Zhivkov was leader of the party and Bulgaria from 1954 until 1989. He was the longest-serving leader of any Eastern Bloc nation.[2] The party's first leader was Dimitar Blagoev.

On 11 December 1989, leader Petar Mladenov announced that the party was giving up its guaranteed right to rule. In 1990, the party became much more moderate and was no longer a communist party. In April 1990, the party changed its name to the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

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