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List of political parties in Bulgaria

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National Assembly.

This is an article showing all the political parties in Bulgaria.

The most recent parliamentary election was in 2017.

Parties in the National Assembly

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Party Position Ideology Seats in National Assembly
GERB (ГЕРБ) Centre-right Liberal conservatism,[1] populism,[2] pro-European Union[3] 95
Bulgarian Socialist Party (Българска социалистическа партия) Centre-left to left-wing Social democracy,[4] Russophilia[5] 80
United Patriots (Обединени Патриоти) Right-wing to far-right Nationalism, Conservatism, Euroscepticism, anti-Islam[6] 27
Movement for Rights and Freedoms (Движение за права и свободи) Centre Centrism,[4] liberalism[7] 25
Volya Right-wing Populism,[8] Nationalism,[8] Russophilia,[8] Euroscepticism 12

Other parties

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