COVID-19 pandemic in Kosovo

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COVID-19 pandemic in Kosovo
COVID-19 Outbreak Number of Cases in Kosovo by Municipalities.svg
Map of municipalities with confirmed (red) coronavirus cases (as of 19 April)
Virus strainSARS-CoV-2
First outbreakWuhan, Hubei, China via Italy
Index caseVitia
Arrival date13 March 2020
(2 years, 8 months and 3 weeks)
Confirmed cases927
Active cases227

The COVID-19 pandemic (COVID-19) arrived in Kosovo on 13 March 2020.

On 13 March, the first two cases were confirmed, a 77-year-old man from Vitina and an Italian woman in her early 20s, who worked in Klina with Caritas Kosova.[1][2]

The Government of Kosovo decided to quarantine and block the entrances and exits of these two cities.[3]

After the new cases emerged, the Ministry of Health requested that the Government of Kosovo declare a state of public health emergency.[4]

On 22 March, the first Kosovo death from the pandemic was announced.[5]

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