Calendula officinalis

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Calendula officinalis (pot marigold, ruddles, common marigold, garden marigold), is a plant in the genus Calendula of the family Asteraceae. It is probably native to India. It was the state flower of Junagadh and Bantva-Manavadar State, now part of Gujarat.

Uses[change | change source]

Pot marigold florets are edible. They are often used to add colour to salads or added to dishes as a garnish instead of saffron. The leaves are edible but are often not palatable. They have been used as a herb and in salads.

The flowers were used in Ancient Greek, Roman, Middle Eastern, and Indian cultures as a medicinal herb and a dye for fabrics, foods, and cosmetics.[1] They are also used to make oil that protects the skin.

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